“Thank you so much Sivan for breaking down the mental blocks that had me stuck for so long. Your wisdom and compassion made me feel safe and supported whilst we worked through the tough stuff. You’re brilliant at honing in on what needs to be done – even when I don’t want to do it! You’re spot on and I’m so glad afterwards that we did the work. Eternally grateful to you”

Annabel Stewart -
'Get Off Your Arts' Workshop Facilitator

“I am still speechless. WOW WOW WOW!
What an incredible experience, you elicit pure MAGIC Sivan!!

That was one of the most transformative, healing and powerful sessions I’ve ever experienced.
Your energy and essence were pure nourishment.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for guiding me through such a beautiful process.

You are a master at your craft.”

Megan Thoma - Master Coach

“Sivan is truly a gifted coach and healer.
Within one session I felt the difference!

She was able to get to the root of the problem quickly and guide me through my healing process with incredible warmth and compassion.

Her soothing demeanour made me feel instantly calm and at ease.

Anyone who is lucky enough to experience a session with her will not be disappointed.”

Afsheen Shah - Lifestyle + Wellness Coach

“Wow! My session with Sivan was absolutely incredible!
Sivan did a beautiful job making me feel safe.

So much opened up for me in the session, things I didn’t even realise were there.

By the end I felt so much lighter, free and empowered.

I am so grateful to Sivan. She was such a loving, compassionate & safe space for me. Our session was powerfully healing.

I would highly recommend her to anyone considering RTT!”

Heather Urness - Women's Empowerment Coach

“I feel like a different person after our session!

I’m feeling more free than I have in years –

it’s like I’ve rediscovered who I really am and I’m loving it!

I worked with Sivan to clear blocks that were holding me back in my business, but the results really have filtered into every area of my life!

I’m so grateful to Sivan + her support, I’ve referred my whole family to her!”

Danielle Illingworth - Kinesiologist + Coach

“I just finished my session with Sivan, and I feel light, empowered, and excited!

I was a bit unsure of what it would be like, but Sivan made me feel completely at ease, and guided me gently through the whole process in the most magical hypnotic state.

I can’t recommend this experience enough!”

Susie Gow - Business Owner + Coach

John Guentner - Sound Effects Mixer + Editor

“Working with Sivan has been an absolutely amazing experience! I initially decided to work with Sivan to address some issues I was having with calling in a romantic partner and self-worth related to dating, but we quickly discovered that my underlying anxiety was a much more pressing concern.

Before working with Sivan my anxiety was completely over-bearing and controlling my life.

The biggest breakthrough I’ve experienced was realising how much unresolved anger and trauma towards my mother I was still holding on to from my childhood and how much that was affecting my adult life, particularly with calling in my queen.

I also had a big breakthrough in discovering how my lifelong anxiety was so closely related to my inner child’s need for safety…and it all began to become clear and make more sense.

As the program progressed and since completing it, my anxiety levels have decreased by leaps and bounds!

The best thing about working with Sivan was her wisdom (she is wise beyond her years! ), her kindness and her patient, caring and loving attitude. You can tell that she really cares about you and your journey and that means a lot.

A bonus was her rapid transformational therapy sessions which are a absolutely wonderful and a must-do.

I would tell anyone considering working with Sivan to take the plunge and do it – you will not regret it! “

“When I first started working with Sivan, I was at a low point in my life. My heart was broken after a tough break-up and my nervous system was dysregulated. I judged myself harshly and felt broken. Sivan created a safe space, where I felt like I could share all my struggles without being judged. She held massive compassion and believed in me. Throughout our time together, I regained confidence, a belief in myself and I stopped buying into the misconception that there is something wrong with me. Sivan showed me important tools to help me come back to the present moment and feel safe in my body. She always celebrated my wins and reminded me of how far I’ve come, even though I struggled to acknowledge myself. She always made sure to remind me of my capabilities and greatness. I could really feel her commitment towards her work with me and I felt understood and heard. I’ve learned so much about myself and healing and I am beyond grateful to have worked with Sivan. My biggest learning was to come out of the realm of my mind, where I spent most my life in, resulting in anxiety, and to come back to the safety of my body. Working with my body and breath and actually feeling my feelings was a massive game changer for me. Her coaching goes deep and far beyond only working with cognition and superficialities. Sivan manages to dig deep and go to the core and the subconsciousness and that for me made a big difference. Thank you Sivan for your loving, caring and compassionate energy, for holding me accountable and coaching me to go out of my head and my comfort zone and into my feelings, my strength and my potential.”

Lara Buchwald - Personal Assistant

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