Transformational Coaching is a truly holistic approach that incorporates all levels – conscious + subconscious, emotional, somatic, and spiritual, to get to the root cause of your blocks and set you free from the inside out.

The missing piece in coaching is putting all the pieces together. Mindset work isn’t enough. Not when the body remembers what the mind forgets.

Transformational Coaching is a safe container for you to work through and break through the layers you have accumulated throughout your unique human experience.

As you peel back the layers in the safe and judgement-free container I hold for you, you will rediscover and reconnect to your true essence.

You will come home to yourself, only to realise that this next level version of you was within you all along. She was just hiding under layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, survival strategies, and the many ways you LEARNED to be in the world.

I will guide you to UNLEARN and release what is no longer serving you.

I will equip you with tools and practices so that you may reclaim your power and not rely on anyone (including me) to create your best life.

Everything touches everything, so even if you “just want to work on your business”, or “Just need support with your relationship”,  I promise you will see shifts + changes in every domain in your life.

Each coaching package is uniquely tailored to your individual needs. I do not walk you through a cookie cutter program. We work with what presents, with what is most alive for you.

I have a diverse skillset and a vast variety of tools + techniques to pull from. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • RTT + Hypnotherapy
  • Trauma release techniques
  • NLP
  •  Nervous System Regulation
  • Inner Child healing + Parts work
  • Somatic Release + Emotional healing
  • Masculine/Feminine Energetics
  • Neuroscience based techniques
  • Elements of  psychology + psychotherapy
  • Emotional Intelligence  + Leadership skills

These tools and more allow me to powerfully call you forward while creating the safety in your body and the self awareness you require to finally get out of your own way and powerfully step into the most authentic + empowered version of YOU.

Where in your life are you spinning your wheels?

Is there a gap between where you are, and where you'd like to be?

"A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself"

-Maryam Hasnaa